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The following are NOT advertisements for these services,
nor are they endorsed by the The Vintage Microcar Club.

From the  Yahoo Microcars discussion group:

march 25 2001

In the Chicagoland-area, I've used a place called The Finishing Touch,
they do 90% of the work (which is the polishing part)
and send out the stuff for the actual plating to...AIH in Dubuque Iowa.
They do ONLY stuff for car-guys.

AIH advertises their services as "Show Quality" custom chrome plating and
that's what you are looking for: the term is "Show Chrome".

So my personal experience with them has been good.
But it's expensive and be prepared to wait 3 months.

I know another place in Chicago that can "chrome plate" stuff for you
for much cheaper, and the turn-around time is less than a week, but it looks like crap.

Atti mentioned a place called, "Speed & Sport", I think, in Arizona that
apparently did good work for a reasonable price. let's see if he chimes in again....

Anyone else have any recommendations or condemnations of chrome platers?

Chrome Plating and Body work seem to be 2 big stumbling blocks for alot of people.



Speed & Sport Chrome Plating
404 Broadway St.
Houston, TX

I can't take the credit for finding this place, Ken Weger told me
about them. They specialize in triple show chrome and advertise that
they do chrome, nickel, gold, aluminum, stainless, and pewter. Very
high quality work at reasonable prices. Not certain if they plate pot
metal, though. (I've got some to send soon, so we'll see.) The best
part? Everything is 15 day service no matter what time of the year!

Here's how it works: Send them your parts via UPS/FedEx. Include a
pic or disc of what you're sending as back up so nothing gets lost or
misplaced and they can identify everything. They quote it and call
you. If it's a go, parts will be plated within 15 days of you giving
the OK. If not, the parts are returned.

After using this company, I won't use anybody else. This is the
fourth plater that I have tried in the last 10 years. Try 'em & see.


I've also used them for most of my work. They're the best combination
of good & fast that I've seen. They'll repair items like Isetta nerf
bars before plating, but be sure you let them know that's what you
want or they might plate the dents. Talk to Robert.



march 26 2001

Here in Western New York State, I kept running into the same problem
whenever I contacted a local plating shop. They all wanted to ship
the parts down to their Erie, Pennsylvania facility where they
actually do the work, and then call me with an estimate. Not only did
I think this was a bad idea, after all they would then have my parts,
But I really wanted to talk with the person actally doing the work.
After alot of searching I found a company that fit these conditions
and do very good work. No job is too small. They even did my horn

M-R-S Plating, Inc.
310 Park Ave.
Lockport, NY 14094
about 3 to 6 weeks turn around