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Minutia, the magazine of the Old Microcar & Minicar Club

INDEX of Issues
Volumes 1:1 through 12:1

1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999
2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005

Issue 1:1

Cover illustration: Isetta drawing,
The Chair speaks: Microcar Philosophy
Membership Tallies
The Cars We Own
11th Annual Bubblecar Meet Laurel, MD by Bob Addis
Out of the Woodwork, 1991 by Rob Maselko
ACA Judging by Bob Addis
My French Lesson: Voiturettes by John Luttropp
Photo Gallery: Lloyd wagon-Bachmann; Isetta-Hickman;
Messerschmitt KR200-Atwood; Isetta-Mollan
A Long Way Home: Messerschmitts by Harry Connors
The Marketing of the Isetta in America (Part 1) by David Kayser
Workbench: Replacement Air Filters BMW Isetta/Heinkel/Trojan by Rob Maselko

Issue 1:2

Cover: Cary Grant and Isetta
Chair Speaks: The joys of attending monthly meetings in Hackensack
New Microcars in Detroit (Jan. 1992 Detroit auto Show) by Rob Maselko
The Berlin Wall Isetta by Bill Schutt
French Microcars: A Profile by Hugh Martin
Photo Gallery: 3 Messerschmitts, Isetta-Kleeman; Triumph Mayflower,
Citroen 2CV, Mini Moke, Messerschmitt-Norris; Isetta and BMW 600-Copping;
Toyota 800-Hockenhull
World Meeting of 2CV Friends, 1991, by Kaz Wysocki
The Marketing of the Isetta in America (Part 2) by David Kayser
The Messerschmitt Forum: "The 'schmitt That Roars" by Harry Connors
Book review "Isetta Restoration" by John Jensen. Review by John Luttropp

Issue 1:3

Cover: Citroen 2CV
Chair speaks: Using a microcar on modern roads
MINUTIA Mailbox: Barassi; Svilans; Ittel; Boncer
New Microcars in Detroit (Part 2) by Rob Maselko
Franklin Lakes, 1992, show report by Rob Maselko
A Little Bit Of Madness by Chris Rees (the increasing value of microcars)
My Summer Vacation-microcars in the Ukraine and Holland by John Luttropp
Photo Gallery: Isetta convertible-Wetzel; Isetta-(Vigle); Dyna Panhard-Bachmann;
Isetta-Jensen; Eshelman-Hossfield; Messerschmitt KR175-Smith
Messerschmitt KR200 Road Test by Rob Maselko and Marsha Wenk
Messerschmitt Forum "The Schmitt That Roars." (Part 2) by Harry Connors
The Use of the Isetta in Advertising by David Kayser
Reproduction Crosley advertisement.

Issue 1:4

Cover: Cargo version of the Isetta
Chair Speaks: Microcar collecting and exhibiting
MINUTIA Mailbox: Kozak; Connors; Clark; Barreiros; Sadwin
The Barnstaple Hooter by John Jensen
Laurel, MD "Love Those Bubblecars" meet, 1992
Canfield, Ohio meet report by Bob Addis
The Kiev Car by John Lloyd
Photo Gallery: Isettas, Freeway, Microbubble-George, Isetta-(Halikias),
Isetta-Komar, Fiat Abarth-(Vigle), Isetta and Messerschmitt-Kerr,
DKW Monza-Craig
Road test Lloyd Alexander 600 Combi by Rich Bachmann
Messerschmitt Forum: Hot Stuff!-Heating system by Harry Connors

Issue 2:1

Cover: Maico 500
Chair Speaks: The Clubhouse
MINUTIA Mailbox: Read; Becker; Gomes; Obert; Hough; Lipton; Lenz
Memorium for Kaye Whitnah by Blair Whitnah
Watt a Show: Electric cars by Ron Fletcher
The Mo Bubble by Steve George
New Messerschmitt toys by John Luttropp
1st National Meet report by Rob Maselko
Photo Gallery: Isetta-Read; Isettas-Wetzel & Caryofilles; Isetta-Hooper;
NSU Prinz 30-Luttropp; Messerschmitt-Kerr
BMW 300 & 600 Paint colors by John Wetzel
Painting, Do It Yourself? by Ernie Freestone
Heinkel/Trojan 4.00X10 tire test by Rob Maselko
Messerschmitt Forum: Power Crazy-Beefing up the Messerschmitt engine
by Harry Connors

Issue 2:2

Cover: '49 Crosley Hot Shot
Chair Speaks: Relative worth of microcars
MINUTIA Mailbox: Hartman; King; Clarke; Sadwin; Dilks
Otto's Road Trip by John Luttropp
Early Days with the Subaru 360 by Carlton Wynter
Three-Wheel Morgan's by Vic Hyde
Photo Gallery: Isetta-Hughey; Isetta-Lowry; Isetta convertible, Messerschmitt,
BMW 600, Lloyd Combi-Adair; Isetta-Sadwin; Lloyd-Sexton;
Bugatti model 68 prototype-(Newburgh)
Isetta Memoirs by Jack Halikias
Where's Your Number? reprinted by from Bubblenotes
Isetta Invoice (from David Kayser)
Tech tip: Isetta Dynastart Field Magnet Screws by John Kozak
Kaz Goes Three Wheels: Reliant by Vic Hyde
Hunting for an Isetta by John Jensen
Messerschmitt-Points of Originality: Colours by Peter Svilans.
Eshelman advertisements

Issue 2:3

Cover: Goggomobil 250 Coupe-Grzesiak
Chair Speaks: Microcars on TV; Rear Steering?; Top Gear show in England
MINUTIA Mailbox: Claypool/Secersin; Lloyd; Thums; Hough; Hitchcock
Living the Minicar Experience: A Visit to Rome by Rob Maselko
BMW 600 Trials and Tribulations by John Bowser
Photo Gallery: Fiat 500-Schmidt; Messerschmitt-Lewis; Saab 96-Hartman;
Isettas-Thums; Subaru 360 van-Decola; King Midget-Gjevre
Your Members, Your Suppliers...Your Friends by Ernie Freestone
600 Hints & Queries by Bill Darland
Nuovo Micro: Isetta by Ron Fletcher
Tech Tip: Protective Plates for Isetta Transmission and Chaincase by John Jensen
Messerschmitt Forum-Power Crazy, Part 2 by Harry Connors
Isetta Parts Sources by John Kozak/Eugene Schmitt

Issue 2:4

Cover: Messerschmitt KR200
Chair Speaks: Happy Birthday; Thank Yous; National Meet planning
Look Ma I'm on TV
MINUTIA Mailbox: Wallace; Schaffer; Claypool; Doroba; Davin; Major
Member Profile: Yuji Itami & the Messerschmitt Cafe
BMW's New Isetta? by John Luttropp
Micro North a Success by Howard Lipton
Is That One of Those Cars That Goes in the Water? by Ray Berghefer
More Early Days with the Subaru 360 by Carlton Wynter
Photo Gallery: Velam; Mini-El (Hockenhull); Romi Isetta-Zanaga;
Eschelman-Hossfield; Messerschmitt-Itami; Bantam-Rabstein
An Isetta Driving Impression by John Jensen
The Jaynik Experimental Microcar by Jack Nikolich
Tech tip: Replacement Fuel Shutoff for Isetta by Sam Hemkes
Nuovo Micro: Peel by Ron Fletcher
Messerschmitt-Points of Originality: Interiors by Peter Svilans
What A Find! Vespa-Bachmann; Iso Isetta-Kielblock; Lloyd Alexander-Read
Scenes from Lime Rock.

Issue 3:1

Cover: Iso Isetta Interior
NSU Prinz 3 advertisement
Chair Speaks: PO Box, National Meet, Ads
World News: Portland, OR: Smallest Bookstore; Hatton, England:
National Microcar Rally; Braishfield, England: BSA Ladybird; Honolulu,
Hawaii: Electric vehicle show; Tokyo, Japan: 30th Tokyo Motor Show,
Los Angeles, CA: Route 66 watch
Mailbox: Vigle; Lisewski; Bailey; Hyman; Major; Jensen; Hough; Stevenson
Isetta Memoirs: Part 2 by Jack Halikias
2nd Annual National Microcar Meet by John Luttropp
Lucky #13 for Laurel MD "Love Those Bubblecars" meet by Luke Chaplin
A Little Goes a Long Way: A Cross-Country Adventure by Bill Darland
Photo Gallery: BMW 700 Convertible-Marx; Mystery Micro-(Hough);
34 Isettas and 600s-Schwark; Isetta body-Priest; Citroen 2CV-Stevenson;
Citroen 2CV-(Sheldon)
Making That Isetta Run by John Jensen
Model Review: Messerschmitt KR200 roadster
Book Review: Brookland's Isetta 1953-1964 Reviewed by John Luttropp
Tech tip: Isetta Timing Advance Cam Lube by John Kozak
Messerschmitt Forum: The Beast by Harry Connors
What a Find! Litestar-Chaplin; Zagato Zele-George; Lloyd-Arzberger
Hoop poem

Issue 3:2

Cover: Nobel 200
Daf 66 advertisement
Microroad: A Meeting of the Minds
World News: Hackensack, NJ: Membership; Wolfsburg, Germany: VW Concept I;
Bonn, Germany: Swatch car; Frankfurt, Germany: Ford Ka; Salem, OH:
National Meet T-shirt; New York, NY: Woody Allen movie
Mailbox: Peterson; Herbert; Kowalski; Huestis; Siuru; Thompson; DeRousse; Major; Kramer
Mike Roekar in "Bad Dog" by Hoop
Micro Cards by David Schaffer
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
The Summer of the Isettas by Dave Burden
1932 Martin "Aerodynamic" by Joshua Stoff
The Ecrin Isetta (from Oldtimer Markt/translated by Roland Metz)
Photo Gallery: Isetta tin toy-Priest; BMW 600s-Majors; Romi Isetta;
Kewet electric-(Lenz); Messerschmitt Tiger-Butler; Isetta-DeCuir
The Arnolt-Iso: Part 1 by Paul Bates
The Shamokin Beaver by John Jensen
Daf Variomatic Transmission by Kaz Wysocki
Messerschmitt-Points of Originality: Equipment by Peter Svilans
What a Find!: Vespa-Freestone; Goggomobil Coupe-Wysocki; Fuldamobil-Maselko
From the Land of Misfit Lit by David Kayser.

Issue 3:3

Cover: Automuseum Störy
Microroad: The Journey is Half the Fun
World News: New York, NY: Woody Allen Film; Liberty State Park, NY:
Berlin Wall Isetta; Bonn, Germany: Mercedes Swatch Car; Paris, France:
Renault Twingo; Iola, WI: Golden Quill Award
Mailbox: Kaplan, Major, De Cuir
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton: Bubbles in the Media; Toys
Mike Roekar: Night on the Town by Hoop
Uncle Fred's Junior Frolics (Our Trip to Störy) by John Luttropp
Photo Gallery: Aral, Messerschmitt Super, Fend Flitzer, Honda 800,
Zundapp Janus-from the Störy microcar meet (John Luttropp)
The Arnold-Iso: Part 2 by Paul Bates
Messer-KR 50 advertisement
Don't Blow that Engine by John Jensen
Center Brake Light for Isetta by Tom Ensign
Messerschmitt-Points of Originality: Accessories by Peter Svilans
What A Find!: Divco-Wetzel; Goggomobil sedans-Wysocki;
Goggomobil coupe-Maselko
Book Review: Die Roller & Kleinwagen Der Wirtschafts Wunder Zeit

Issue 3:4

Cover: Romi racer (Chiti)
Isetta/Imperial Whiskey advertisement
Microroad: A Trojan Tale; Paradise Lost
World News: Lime Rock, CT: Vintage Fall Festival; Stuttgart, Germany:
A-class Mercedes; Tokyo, Japan: Suzuki X90; Palm Desert, Ca Trans2;
Holland: Revell toy Isetta; Harrisburg, PA: Classic Cycle Review
Mailbox: Grosvenor; Thomas; Kuchtjak; Claypool; Vetter; Schmidt; Smith
Mike Roekar in "I Shoulda Stayed Home" by Hoop
English Cigarette Cards by John Luttropp
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton: Micro North report
West Coast Report by Bill Darland: Meets
Microcar National Meet: Salem Ohio by Rob Maselko
Fifth Annual Show: Denver Colorado by Bill Siuru
Romi Isetta: A Photo Essay (Chiti)
Photo Gallery: Velorex-(Lloyd); Mini Wini-Stermer; Subaru 360 pickup-Parsil;
Isetta dragster-Wetzel; Zoe Zipper-Kerr; Isetta-(Darland)
Vespa 400 Road Test by Rich Bachmann & John Luttropp
90 Degree Steering by André Rey
Plastic Restoration Tips by Ernie Freestone
Isetta Chain Drive Rebuild by John Jensen
Isetta Tow Bar by Wallace King
What a Find!: Amphicar-Freestone; Charley Allcars-Freestone;
Messerschmitt KR200-Hockenhull
Book Review: Kleinwagen·Small Cars·Petites Voitures

Issue 4:1

Cover: 1942 Arzens
Amphicar advertisement (Kayser)
Microroad: I Like Speed, That's Why I Drive a Bubblecar
World News: Slovenia: World 2CV meet; Los Angeles, CA: Ethos 3; Avon,
England: Scootering magazine guide to microcars; Framingham, MA:
Exoticar Model Co.; Detroit, MI: Plymouth Back Pack; Hershey, PA: Peel plaque
Mailbox: Bates; Gray; Lloyd; Taylor; Storrs; Hebert; Krahn
Mike Roekar in "Comparison Shopping" by Hoop
Za Ga Zig(?) by John Wetzel
1994 Laurel, MD, Bubblecar Meet by Luke Chaplin
West Coast Report by Bill Darland
The First Bubblecar? by John Jensen
The "Automaxima"
Photo Gallery: Vespa 400-McMahon; Isetta-Johnson; Crosley Hot Shot-Hayes;
Crosley Hot Shot, Bantam Isetta-Adair; Bantam-Butler; Messerschmitt-Adair
My Life and Times (BMW 600) by Dave Majors
Isetta Restoration for the Mechanically Challenged (Part 1) by Carl Jensen
Small Take: Fuldamobil by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: Isetta-Guzaitis; Pulse-Chaplin; BMW 600-Schwartz
Catalog Review: Goggomobil Ersatzeile

Issue 4:2

Isetta 40th Anniversary Issue. Cover: Isetta
Isetta advertisement (Kayser)
Microroad: The BMW Isetta and its Impact on the World
World News: Sebastopol, CA: Chip Harlan drawing; Munich, Germany: BMW
Mobile Tradition; Grovers Mill, NJ: Aliens; Essen, Germany: Techno Classica
show; Munich, Germany: BMW AG; San Francisco, CA: National meet; North Miami Beach, FL: duPont Registry
Mailbox: Thompson; Russel; Jensen; Herring; Coker
Mike Roekar in "Goin' to the National" by Hoop
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
The Quest by Gary Storrs
Isetta Catalogs: 1955 & 1958; from the collection of David Kayser
Photo Gallery: Isetta 300-Ebright; Isetta-Gast Museum; Isetta-Johnstone; Isetta-Lenoch; Isetta-Gast Museum; Isetta press photo
Tech Tip: Isetta carburetor/Rich Mixture Problems by John Jensen
Isetta Restoration for the Mechanically Challenged (Part 2) by Carl Jensen
Isetta 300 Drivetrain Alignment by Carl Felling (reprint)
German Isetta advertisement
What a Find!: All Isettas-DeCur,-Vignale,-Wetzel
Book Review: The Color Bubblecars & Microcars Family Album.

Issue 4:3

Cover: Peel 50
NSU Sport Prinz advertisement (Bachmann)
Microroad: Are We Having Fun Yet?
World News: Wham-o Corp: Heinkel Frisbee; Internet sites; Los Angeles, CA: Sean Vigle; Munich, Germany: Z13; Lillehammer, Norway: Don Touw-Troll; Stuttgart, Germany: Mercedes/Swatch car; Westwood, KS: Isetta snow car
Mailbox: Yamanobe; Jensen; Townsend; Wick; Vetter; Marchione; Wallace
Nuovo Micro: Citroën 2CV by Ron Fletcher
Mike Roekar in "Making Time" by Hoop
In it for the Ride by Cindy Maselko
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
The Thrill of the Chase: The Bruce Weiner Microcar Collection by Peter Svilans
The Plot Thickens by John Luttropp
Isetta 40th Anniversary in Germany by John Wetzel
Photo Gallery: Grinnall Scorpion 3-(Wetzel); Goliath Tiger-Lattanzio; Vespa 400-(Maselko); Victoria-Klein; Crosley Hot Shot-(Arzberger); Messerschmitt, Heinkel, Isetta-Nobbs
Romi Isetta: Photo Essay II (Chiti)
The Tiger's Alive (translated from AutoTest & Tuning by Roland Metz)
In my 1959 Messerschmitt TG-500 by Lloyd Watson
Isetta Restoration for the Mechanically Challenged (Conclusion) by Carl Jensen
4th Annual Meet: San Francisco by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 5 Subaru 360s-Henkelman; NSU Prima D scooter-Maselko; Pulse-Tavis
Book Review: Microcar Mania

Issue 4:4

Cover: Paul Bates' Iso Isetta
Zundapp Janus advertisement
Microroad: Car collecting personal history
World News: Cambridge, MA: Roundel magazine; Pullman, WA: Jim Hockenhull Internet site; Stuttgart, Germany: Smart; Seattle, WA: Johnstone; Sao Paulo, Brazil: A-class Mercedes; Los Angeles, CA: Jay Leno
Mailbox: Heim; Heim; Ramsay; Major; Gray; Johnstone
Mike Roekar in "How Far is Too Far" by Hoop
Micro North Report by Steve George
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
Wow! What a Year! by Bill Darland
A French Puzzle (Brütsch Rollera) by Peter Svilans
Bubble at Pebble by Paul Bates
Our Cars: Members car list
Oh, Just One More Thing (Colombo's Car) by Jim Delaney
Photo Gallery: Victoria 250-Maselko; Mini El-Wysocki; Fuji Cabin-Kayser; Zoe Zipper-Wetzel & Eschelman-Hossfield; Berkeley T60-Hite; Honda 600-Cave
The Fuji Cabin by Rob Maselko
Member Profile: Hoop! by John Luttropp
My Minicar Experience (Lloyd) by Peter Arzberger
Small Take: Dyna Panhard by Rich Bachmann
Tech Tip: Computing Isetta Engine RPM by John Jensen
What a Find!: Goggomobil Coupe-Kayser; Autobianchi-(Metz); BMW 600s-Baker
Book Review: Too Little, Too Soon (American Austin/Bantam)

Issue 5:1

Cover: Isocarro 500
Fiat 500c station wagon advertisement (Kayser)
Microroad: The Time Machines
World News: Inscape Corp: Adventures of the Smart Patrol; S Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil: A-class Mercedes; Monterey, CA Monterey Historic Weekend; Tokyo, Japan: Mitsubishi Maus
Mailbox: Cook; Connors; Vetter; Grace; Gray; Thompson
Mike Roekar in "Bubble Trouble" by Hoop
Tribute to Vic Hyde by Rob Maselko, Paul Bates & Charles Gould
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton: Vic Hyde
Isetta Restoration tips from Don Becker
A Florida Adventure by Peter Svilans
My Interest in Isettas by Dave Nuss
Photo Gallery: Isettas-(Brandl); Isetta-McAlpin; BMW 600-Hemmerlin; Isetta-Linstead; Lloyd LS 300-Kunnecke; Maico Champion-Palen
Micro & Mini Trucks, Vans, and Sport Utes by John Luttropp
BeBop-A-Lula: Isetta in the US in the '50s by John Jensen
Small Take: Lloyd LT-600 Minibus, truck, and pickup by Rich Bachmann
John Malcolm's Collection (photo essay)
What a Find!: Isetta-Loid, Isetta-Power, Fiat Multipla-Schwartz
Book Review: Illustrated Micro & Mini Car Buyer's Guide

Issue 5:2

Cover: Racing Minicars (Lloyd)
Volpe Advertisement (Kayser)
Microroad: Caveat Emptor
World News: USA: The Internet: Concept 1; Germany: Stuttgart: Smart; Japan: Tokyo: BMW Just 4/2; Germany: Bunde: Revell Messerschmitt model
Mailbox: Mott; D. Lloyd; McCarter; Lenz; Carroll
Mike Roekar in "Summer Song" by Hoop
Small Torque by Terry Parkin
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton: BMW parts, Störy meet
New Messerschmitt Tg500 model
Georgia on My Mind by Ron Leone
Member Profile: Otto Heiko Zimmermann
The Trans2 by John Luttropp
Photo Gallery: Scootacars-Boyd; Messerschmitts-Zimmermann; Isetta-Kozak (kirby); Peel P-50 (Chaplin); Goggomibil Coupe (Piantieri); Toyota S800-Sturgeon
Micro & Mini Sports Cars by John Luttropp
After the Isetta Restoration by Carl Jensen
MINUTIA Index Volumes 1-5:1
What a Find!: BMW 600-Major, Victoria 250-Pinckney, Bond 875-Wysocki
Book Review: BMW Isetta: Das Jahrhundert-Ei by Halwart Schrader

Issue 5:3

Cover: Voisin Autonacional
Rovin Advertisement (Kayser)
Microroad: A Microcar Field of Dreams
World News: France: Renault "Fiftie"; Germany: GM Opel Maxx; Switzerland: Micro Compact Car "Smart"; Italy: Death of Dante Giacosa; Germany: Story illustrator; England: Greenpeace's "Smile"
Mailbox: Braun, Krause, Freestone, Meyer, Obert
Mike Roekar in "Dancin' Fool" by HOOP
Microcar & Minicar Club Online by John Luttropp
Störy 1996 photo essay by Ron Fletcher
Up in Germany! by Howard Lipton
Fiat Carrozzeria Savio Torino by Gene Van Wilgen
That "Other" Fiat by John Luttropp
1996 Meets
Photo Gallery: Messerschmitt-(Adair); King Midget Jamboree; Messerschmitt, Peel P50, Peel Trident-Tillmans; Citroën 2CV inflatable-Stevenson, Morris Minor Pickup-Tavis; Nissan Iijan Car-(Thrash)
Voisin/Biscuter by John S. Kopper
Everything I Know About BMW 600 Carburetors, Part 1 by Luke Chaplin
Grinnall Scorpion by (Ron Fletcher)
What a Find!: 1950 Panhard Dyna-Wysocki; 1957 Fiat Nuova Sport 500-Maselko; 1967 Fiat 600D-Bachmann

Issue 5:4

Cover: Messerschmitt Advertisement
Brutch Mopetta reprint article
Microroad: Truth in Government/The Common Thread
World News: USA: Microcar & Minicar Club web site; England: Silk Cut advertising campaign; England: Mini advertising campaign; Canada: BMW Museum review; USA Microcar magazine articles; USA: Isetta/Metropolitan sweater
Mailbox: Brenner, Rudolph, Foster, Crowl, Chamberlain, Verwey
Mike Roekar in "A Peek Behind the Scenes" by HOOP
11th Annual West Coast Isetta & Weird Little Car Meet by Bill Darland
1st Microcar & Minicar Classic by Charles Gould
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
The Big Isetta (BMW 600) by Dave Major
My BMW 600 by Larry Land
Photos: Daihatsu Town Cube, Miss Midgets, Rich Bachmann collection
Photo Gallery: Weiner Microcar Museum (Luttropp); Glas 1700 GT-Coelln; Daihatsu Trimobile-Gould; 1972 Bajaj-Hall; 1953 King Midget-Comeau; 1949 Tatra T600-Slezak
Daihatsu Midget/Midget II by John Luttropp
Isetta Gold by John Jensen
Everything I Know About BMW 600 Carburetors, Part 2 by Luke ChaplinGrinnall Museum Review: Deutsches Zweirad-und NSU Museum by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 1958 Maico 500-Porter; 1956 Messerschmitt KR 200-Gould, Isetta 300-Chamberlain

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Issue 6:1

Cover: PTV 250
PTV ad repro
Microroad: 1996-What a Year!
World News: USA: Adventures of the Smart Patrol; Japan: Toyota Model AA Sedan miniature; USA Chrysler CCV; USA: Boston JFK Museum; England: Bruce Weiner Auction announcement; Italy: Fiat's new Multipla; USA: 1997 Road & Track desk calendar; USA: Las Jolla Concours d'elegance; In the Magazines
Mailbox: Fatta, Barton, Pierson, Burden
Mike Roekar in "It's Alive" by HOOP
Member Profile: Richard Bachmann
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
Book Review: "The World's Strangest Automobiles" by Howard Lipton
Scooter Special: The Eternal Vespa in the Eternal City by Steve Piantieri
Mazda Coupe 360 by Carlton Wynter
A New Home for Milo by Ralph Hough
Corbin Sparrow by Rik Beeson
Photo Gallery: Lime Rock Vintage Festival (Luttropp); Fiat Multipla taxi-Piantieri; Yankee Candle Auto Museum (Gray); 3 Isettas-Hough; Fiat Yacht Tender (Wetzel); Isetta 300-Regan; 1962 DAF 750 Deluxe-Adams; Renault Jolly-Singer
Igor, It's Alive: a novice's guide to getting that old car running after many years of storage by Rob Maselko
Spain's PTV by John Luttropp
Taking the High Cost out of Plating by Peter Crowl
Small Take: NSU Sport Prinz by Richard Bachmann
What a Find!: 1962 NSU Prinz IV-Darland; 1958 Isetta 300-Gray; 1963 Mini Countryman-Bachmann
From the Archives: Science & Mechanics, October 1956-Chemobile

Issue 6:2

Cover: Found Isetta
Zundapp Janus ad repro
Microroad: Christie's Auction editorial
World News: USA: 2CV raffle; USA: Windemere Collection show; Japan: Final Fantasy VII; USA: Pebble Beach invite; France: Rolerra commercial; Germany: Revell Messerschmitt models; Holland: ARFLA Handywagon; USA: Wather Miller Museum
Mailbox: Harbolt, Piantieri, Schmidt, Martin, Washbush, Norris
Mike Roekar in "Song of Seduction" by HOOP
Member Profile: Larry Read
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
1996, A Year in England by Alan Hitchcock
Japanese Model Madness by John Luttropp
A True Mystery Story by John McCarter
1997 Meets
The Christie's Sale of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Collection by David Kayser
Photo Gallery: Syracuse billboard (Gagnon), Goggomobil (Metz), Messerschmitt-Itami, Goggomobil-Krause, Surfite (Arzberger), Zundapp Janus (Metz), Jeep (Arzberger), Fiat Jolly-Forester
The Future is Now (Bede Autocycle) by Steve George
Isetta Fever-Catch it and you may become ill! by John Wetzel
Road Test: 1962 Trojan 200 by Rob Maselko
Small Take: Zundapp Janus by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 1967 Fiat 600D-Pinckney; 1934 American Austin Sedan Delivery-Rabstein; 1950 BMW 600-Rudolph
From the Archives: Zundapp Janus ad-1958

Issue 6:3

Cover: Story BMW 600
Microcar display ad repro
Microroad: "How Small is Small?"
World News: Holland: Daewoo Mantica introduced; USA: Gunze Sangyo 2CV model kit; Canada: Bombardier NEV; England: Mini ad campaign; Germany: Story BMW 600 display.
Mailbox: McWilliams, Boyce, Lloyd, Vahsholtz
Mike Roekar in "Another Club Benefit" by HOOP
Member Profile: John Luttropp
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
My Beginnings with Microcars by Ken Smith
Minicars on the Playstation by John Luttropp
Are They For Real? (Tri-Tech Zetta and Schmitt K.R.) by John Luttropp
1997 Meets
On the Internet: MJ Net Magazine by George Zimmerman
Youth: Lost & Found by Gary Storrs
Photo Gallery: Isetta 300 S/W-Nelson, Isetta 300 S/W & B/W-Kiefer, Minikin-Hurt, Isetta 300 B/W-King, Isetta 300 S/W-Geiger, Honda AN 600-Foster, Honda Z600-O'Connor, Citroen 2CV (Arzberger)
Made in Taiwan (Convenient Cub) by Steve George
On the Free-Way by Rik Beeson
Subaru 360 Experiences by Ed Parsil
Catching a "Grizzly" by John Moglia
Items from the BMW Mobile Tradition 1997 collector's catalog
Small Take: BMW 600 by Rob Maselko
Tech Tip: Using Mazda Clutch Kits for Rebuilding Isetta Master Cylinders by Luke Chaplin
Book Review: "More Bubblecars and Microcars Family Album" by Andrea & David Sparrow; reviewed by Tony Marshall-Rum Car News
What a Find!: 1958 Isetta 300-Boyce; 1985 Pulse-Jenison; 1950 Mazda 1/2 ton pickup-Butler
From the Archives: Cover of Three-Wheeler News, July, 1961

Issue 6:4

Cover: National Isetta 300 interior
"8 Reasons" Isetta ad repro
Microroad: "How I Spent My Summer"
World News: USA: Photo Soap Isetta; Holland: Schuco toys/video; USA: radio controlled Messerschmitt toy; Germany: 1998 Story Meet info; Japan: Mazda 360 Owners Club; Germany: Frankfurt Auto Show; USA: Gast Museum auction; Japan: New minicars.
Mailbox: Meyn, Janecek, Comfort, Meyn, Vetter
Mike Roekar in "Phony Frolic" by HOOP
Member Profile: Jack Nikolich
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton
The 6th Annual National Meet by Rob Maselko
Gould's Second Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic by Monique Gould
Micros@Monterey.uncommon by Paul Bates
Photo Gallery: Isetta 300 S/W-Nelson, Renault 4CV (Arzberger), Isetta/VW postcard (Gould), Fiat Bianchina-Jones, Isetta 300 S/W-Kvanti, Free-Way-Nola, Subaru Young-Lloyd, Isetta 300 S/W-Power
Summer '97 Micro North Meet by Howie Lipton & Ralph Hough
Saga of Wheels by Bill Adams
France Jet Motors, Ltd. by John Lloyd
R.U.M. Report by Jean Hammond
Small Take: DKW Auto Union 1000/1000S by Richard Bachmann
Curing Engine, Transmission and Chain Drive Leaks by Paul T. Weaver
Reliant MK III ad repro (Power)
Are We Smart Yet? by John Luttropp
What a Find!: 1970 Subaru 360 Deluxe-Freestone, 1948 Crosley 2-dr-Freestone, 1957 Isetta 300-Soriano
From the Archives: Vespa Dealer Flyer

Issue 7:1

Cover: ICE-setta
Goggomobil ad repro
Microroad: "Europe Goes Small"
World News: Germany: Story BMW 600 meet report; US: James Bond Daihatsu Midget; Internet: New Beetle site; US: Club Roster; US: Christmas Cards; In The Magazines.
Mailbox: Redfield, Braun
Mike Roekar in "Clubhouse Capers" by HOOP
Member Profile: Bill Darland
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; Book Review Isetta Gold Portfolio
The "ICE-setta" by Joe Newlin
The 1997 Unique Little Car Show by Peter Arzberger
Mercedes F300 Life Jet
Audi AI2
32nd Tokyo Motor Show
Anime Microcars by John deGozzaldi
Photo Gallery: Isetta 300 convertible-Lombardi, Citroen Dyane-Meyn, BMW 600-Town, 1957 Isetta B/W-Mollan, 1969 FIAT 850 Coupe-Bell, 1932 American Austin Roadster (Vigle), 1960 Autobianchi Bianchina-Wysocki, Isetta 300-Hawks
The Inter by Gerron Hite
History of the Mobile Jewel Case Trailer by Marion & Delores Filer
The Messerschmitt Forum by Rob Maselko
Four Wagons & Fun, et al. or My Fun 'Story' So Far? What Next, and who Cares? by Allan Town
Small Take: The Rovin by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 1939 FIAT Topolino-Wysocki, 1971 Honda 600 Sedan-Crane, 1958 Lloyd Alexander, Monroe
From the Archives: "Small Cars" Time Magazine cover (Janecek)

Issue 7:2

Cover: 1953 Felber-Autoroller Type T 400
AD: Lloyd ad from the late 1950's
Microroad: the Junk In the Driveway
World News: US: Las Vegas--Isetta helps sell DENON stereos; JAPAN: Daihatsu Midget IV; US: ZIPPY--"I Setta Therefore I Am"; US: Gizmo NEV; US: Galoob New Micro-Machines toys
Mailbox: Burt Richmond; Michael Kocks; Don De Cuir; Michael Gray; Stacy J. Tavis
Mike Roekar in: " ROAD RAGE" by HOOP
Member Profile: Nancy Maloney
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; Winter Auto Shows, Isetta photographed for Pizza Ad
Movie Review:  Lisbon Story  by Larry Land
1998 National Meet T-shirt Competition Results: winner---Jerry Smith
"How Many Microcars Do You Have In Your Garage?  winner---Dan Flick
AD: Peel P50
"Electric Cars are Here" by John Jensen
Photo Gallery: 1957 BMW Isetta--Joan Stiely; Berkeley--Larry Johnson; Zundapp Janus; Messerschmitt KR175--Jim Weber; 1958 BMW Isetta--William E. Covey; 1955 Messerschmitt KR175--Jeff Upton; 1958 BMW 600--Kenneth Six
"The Loire Valley Challenge" by Jane Puttock
"10 Years After" by John Jensen
Rivolta Isigo
Small Take: Felber Autoroller  by John Luttropp
"Isetta 300 Drivetrain Alignment" by Carl Felling
What a Find!: 195? Isetta 300--Dominic Dimento;  1958 Goggomobil Dart--Mark Hyman
From the Archives: British Citroen 2CV Brochure Cover (Luttropp)

Issue 7:3

Cover: SMART car
Inside Cover: Vespa 400 Ad from January 1950 Sports Cars Illustrated (Atti Bethlenfalvy)
Microroad: The Tale of Two Tigers
World News: Germany: "Messerschmitt Hotel"; new VW Microbus?; France: new 2CV?; Italy: the RISCIO'; USA: corbin Sparrow; Wolverine Video--Pebble Beach videos; Kaz Wysocki interviewed for Netherlands business newspaper; NJ Club Picnic
Mailbox: Carl Jensen; Mario Marchione; Dene Barrett; Stacy J. Tavis
Mike Roekar in  " CLOWNING AROUND" by HOOP
Member Profile: Luke Chaplin
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; "What's Old is New Again"  "new toys"
REPORT: "19th Kleinwagentreffen at Automuseum Story" by Rob Maselko
"Johnannesburg to Capetown Rally" by Pedro Diedrichs, South Africa
Photo Gallery: French-built Brütsch Rollera--Lawrence House; R/C BMW 600--Alan Town; 1960 BMW 600--Imogene Chamberlain; BMW600--Steve Balla; Isetta being restored--Dennis Kiefer; Piaggio Vespacar--Edward Bretansky; R/H drive Honda 600 convertible--O'Conner's Honda 600 Service; 1932 BSA 3-wheeler--David Manthey
"Isetta Encounters"  by John Jensen
PHOTOS: Unique Little Car Show, Long Beach CA  photos by D. Barrett
"Bursting Bubbles in Cowtown" by Jack W. Vetter
"Some You Win, Some You Lose"  by Ralph Hough
Our Cars 1998
Small Take: Kleinschnittger F125  by Rob Maselko
"Isetta Insanity: A Self-Examination Test" by Peter C. King
What a Find!: 3 BMW 600's by Dave Major; 1959 Vespa 400 by Rob Maselko; 1958 BMW Isetta by John Wetzel
From the Archives: from the German SMART car brochure  (Robt Gray)

Issue 7:4

Cover: Velorex in-the-rough
Microroad:  Beware of Scam Artists
World News: US: Chocolate Isettas; Atlanta--Bruce Weiner Story; Germany: Hans Glas Monument
Mailbox: John Watson; Glendon F.D. Kierstead; George Procyshyn; Rolan Metz; George Landrecht
Mike Roekar in  "The REVELATION" by HOOP
Member Profile: Ralph & Wendy Hough
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; Micro-North Report
REPORT: "the 7th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet"  by David Kayser
"Mostly I Just Drive It"  by John Jensen
REPORT:  "Unique Little Car Show, Long Beach CA"  by Peter Arzberger
"JUNK?"  by Jack Halikias
Photo Gallery: 1970 Honda 600--Max Heim; 4 Isettas--Don De Cuir; 1970 Honda 600--Brian Higginson; 1959 Vespa 400--Charlie & Becky Phagan; Mr & Mrs Brad Rohr in their wedding limo--an Isetta!;  BMW 600--Lutz H. Schöbel;  1957 BMW Isetta--David Kolk
"The BMW That Climbed A Mountain"  by Dave Major
"I Accuse Mark Smith & Colin Archer of Making My Life Too Damned Busy!"  by Alan Town
REPORT: "The 3rd Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic in MA"  by Charles Gould
Small Take: Goliath Hansa 1100  by Richard Bachmann
"Jeff's Story" by Jeff Upton
What a Find!: matching 1970/71 Velorexes, new owners; Andy Mutz and Charles Gould;  Messerschmitt Tiger TG500 found by Ralph Hough
From the Archives:  Detail of the Messerschmitt TG500 40th Anniversary Brochure  (Alan Town)

Issue 8:1

Cover: Uwe Stauffenberg's famous Goggomobil Pickup

Microroad: Zen and the Art of Microcar Collecting
World News: US: Isettas on the Race Track; UK: 40th anniversay celebration of the UK intro of the  FMR Tg-500; Germany: A-Class Van?; US: Citroen 2CV raffle; Germany: Xmax Card from Otto and Marianne Künnecke; Norway: Snow scooter
Mailbox: Alfonso Amaral; Gary Sonnenschein; David Beddows; Mario Marchione; Rick Lenz; Tom Ensign
Mike Roekar in  "That Sinking Feeling" by HOOP
Member Profile: Steve George
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton;  too  cold
"Seven League Boots Rally"
"What is it? ---It's a BMW Isetta --It's a WHAT?" by Edward J. Regan

Photo Gallery: 1958 BMW Isetta--Erich "Mickey" Lachmann; BMW Isetta--Andy Ivashchenko; 1949 Crosley Hot Shot--Ray Morey; Diahatsu Trimobile--Jeff Pennington; 1957 BMW Isetta--Byron Scott; Nicolas Courtonne's "bubble garden" in France; 1989 Pulse--Clay Holland; Isetta-Jolly--Robert Vignale
"Recycle Your Isetta Parts" by John Jensen
"Memorable Micro Movie Lines" by HOOP
PHOTO:  "Mess-O-Schmitts"  archive photo from David Kayser
"The Automobiles of Northern New Jersey"  by Kaz Wysocki
"Go Goliath" by Jesse Hohenshell
"My Life With Oddball Cars" by John Luttropp
"M&M Rapper Index  1986-1990"  by Alan Meyer
"Personal Air Conditioning" by Peter C. King
Small Take: Victoria 250 Sportwagen  by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 1958 BMW 600 --Dave Major;  1966 Sunbeam Imp MKII --Alister Bell; 1957 BMW Isetta--Dave Laurent
From the Archives:  the Club is "certified" by Fritz Fend himself.

Issue 8:2

Cover: 1934 American Austin Pickup owned by Arthur Rabstein
Inside Front Cover: BMW 600 Dealer Promocard
Microroad: Chase Away Those Winter Blues
Tech Tips!!! Isetta Tech Tip; Isetta Battery Installation
The Sparrow & the new ISO Isigo
Mailbox: Michele Signorino; Steve George; John deGozzaldi; Rudy Cincala; Robert Vanus Jr.
Mike Roekar in  " A MINUTIA MOMENT" by HOOP
Member Profile: Mike Jones
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; "Canadian Isetta Postal Cars?" Bubblecar Toys" Local News
"Welcome New Editor" by John Luttropp
"Why An Isetta?" by John Jensen
Book Review: by Ralph Hough--" Bubble Cars-A Concise History  author: Mark F. Herbert
"Ontario '98" by Ralph Hough
Photo Gallery: 1958 Isetta s/w cabri--Leonard Ingle; Isetta--Mr. O'Neil; Ausin Bantam & Euro Isetta--Robert Gray; 1958 English Ford Thames & 1958 Morris Minor Pickup--Larry Newberry;  1986 Minikin--Nelson J. Hurt; 1958 King Midget--Nelson J. Hurt
"Isetta Engine Timing"  by John Jensen
Small Take: Maico 500  by Rich Bachmann
"A Mechanic's Glossary" by Peter C. King
"Micro e-commerce -- Surfing for Old Metal Memories" by Robert C. Gray
What a Find!: 3 Isettas from Hemmings--John Wetzel; 1957 Isetta on top of a 1947 Olds--Dave Laurent; Isetta--Doug Barnett
From the Archives: 1969 King Midget w/ Golf Options

Issue 8:3

Cover:"Bubbles in Ashville"
8th Annual National Meet T-shirt Design contest winner:  Ron Markoya
Microroad: What's in a Name (The National Meet); On the Road Again
Mailbox: John Luttropp; Carl Smith; Howie Lipton; John Buchanan; Curtis Stanley; Carl Jensen
Tech Tips!!!  "on Bearings, Seals Microcars and the Metric System" by Dr. Curt Poulton
 Goop!"  by Peter C. King
"Drive Better for $10.40" by Peter C. King
"A Cat Story" by Peter C. King
"Antique Automobile Club of America" by Ernie Freestone
"Do You Know About This BMW Insignia?"  by Dr. Curt Poulton
Mike Roekar in  " Good Eatin' " by HOOP
REPORT: "1999 Texas Micro/Minicar Round-up" by Ray J. Morey
REPORT: "8th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet"  by Rob Maselko
"Importing 2 Isettas to Costa Rica!" by George Blau
Member Profile: Lea Hyke
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton;  1960 in Ontario
Photo Gallery: 1969 AutoBianchini Berlina--Paolo Cargioli; 1942 Crosley Fire Engine--Preston Kizer; Messerschmitt--Y.Autphenne; Messerschmitt KR200--Dennis & Ruth Jenison; Bond Mark F--Celia & Shane Williams; Messerschmitt KR-175--Clay Holland; 57 BMW Isetta Bubble-Window cabrio--Don Becker; Zundapp Janus--Dave Copeland
Rambling On with Isetta John
"Scenes from the Ashville National Meet"  by John Wetzel
Small Take: King Midget  by Ernie Freestone
Bits & Pieces: The Internet; Micros in video games; Egg patrol in margaritaville
The Book Shelf:  by Peter C. King:  "Painting Your Corvette"  "The Epoxy Book"
Edwin Hammond  1930-1999
What a Find!: 1957 BMW Isetta 300  by Jeff Bahret;  1972 Fiat 500 Giadinetta (wagon) by Paolo Cargioli
From the Archives:  Sales Flyer for Subaru 360

Issue 8:4

Cover: Charles Gould Driving his Peel Trident
Press Photo of Multipla Spcial; Press Photo of fleet of Renault Taxis  (Regie Puttock)
Microroad: Lost Marques: Basson's Star; Belcar; Burgfalke; France Jet; Frisky; Heinkel; Kleinschnittger; Iso Isetta; Maico; Marathon Corsair
"An Isetta Restoration" by Thomas F. Volkman
"Author! Author!"  by Peter C. King
Mailbox: Aaron Cooperband; Roland B. Fischer; Michael Bluman; S.R. Adcock, MD P.C.; Ray Morey; John Kozak's micro trailer
Mike Roekar in "EVOLUTION" by HOOP
Member Profile: Rusty Kay
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; My Isetta Story; New Toys
Tech Tips!!! MCAPU (Microcar Auxiliary Power Unit) by Peter C. King
REPORT: Micro-North  by Ralph Hough & Howie Lipton
"Barnyard Panhard"  by Charles Gould
Photo Gallery:  1960 Fiat Bianchini & 1959 BMW 600--Mark Martin; Panhard--Charles Gould; BMW 600 "truck" --Steve Balla; 1970 Subaru 360 Van & 1969 Subaru 360 Fastrack II racer --Ed Parsil; 1953 Velocar Mochet--Machet Philippe; 1962 BMW Isetta 3-wheeler & 1971 Bond Bug --Dr. Boris Sander; 1972 Honda 600--Peter King; Micro North Photos
"Your Name" from Howie Lipton
"Another Isetta Restoration Story" by Doug and Gail Hodges
"Photographer! Photographer!"  by Peter C. King
REPORT: Gould's 4th Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic  by John Gerber
REPORT: "Gould's Classis--Another View" by Steve George
Small Take: Berkeley  by Rob Maselko
Bits & Pieces:  "Micros in the Movies"; "Easier Import regulations"; "A Tuk! Tuk!"
"A Messerschmitt Restoration Project" by Stacy J. Tavis
Rambling On  with Isetta John
What a Find!:  1959 British-built Isetta--Ralph Hough;  1972 Honda 600 & 1959 Vespa 400--Ray Morey
Back Cover: Manresa, Spain Micro Meet (rob maselko); View of  Gould's 4th Annual Meet (Steve George)


Issue 9:1

Cover: Steve "HOOP" Hooper celebrates MINUTIA 2000 in one of his famous Art Cars
PIC: One-off 1959 BMW 700 Spyder
Microroad: Lost Marques: pt 2:  Nobel; Pinguin; PTV; Sharp's Bear Cub; Troll; Victoria; Weidner Condor; Zundapp Janus
"So You Think You're Interested In Microcars?"  by Charles Gould
Bits & Pieces:  "A Pipe Dream Poem" by Steve Hooper; "Recycled by Design" by Steven J. Kaplan
Mailbox: Mark & Jennifer Wilson; Hank Pickney; Jack Vetter; Rob Maselko; Eva Schmitt; Jessie R. Hohenshell; Ray Morey; George Blau
Mike Roekar in  " BEYOND TOMORROW" by HOOP
Member Profile: Art Rabstein
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton;  Gamalin Postal Trucks  (Isetta-based Canadian Postal Trucks)
TECH TIPS!!!  Mini Car- A Major challenge  by Steven J. Kaplan
REPORT: " 1999 International Microcar Meeting of Spain" by Antoni Tacho
Photo Gallery: 1957 King Midget in Norway--Ole Birger Gjevre; 1959 Original Vespa 400--Rich Bachmann; Homebuilt "GERRITMOBIL --Gary DeWitt; 2 BMW 600's--Dave Major; 1963 DAF 750 Sedan--Bill Adams; 1958 British-built Canadian Isetta 300-- James Jacobs; 1957 Pro Street Isetta Dragster--John Wetzel; 1959 BMW 600--Josh Brewer; 1967 King Midget & 1980 Freeway--Fred Serfass; Peel Trident; 1959 Fiat Jolly Ghia--Paola Cargioli
"Isetta Racing" by  Barry Prosser
"The Rare NSU-Fiat 500" by Jack Rubin
"The Saddest BMW 600 in the World" by Dave Major
"1899 Ford Replica" by Dennis Jenison
"It's a GIZMO" by Rick Lenz
"The Tail of the Tiger Truck" by Fred M Serfass
Terry Parkin's Miniature Microcars
"Downshifting: YES? or NO?" by Gary J. Sekel
Small Take: 1957 Frisky by Rob Maselko
What a Find!: 1958 Isetta/Firetruck by Firemarshall Bill Waite; 1958 Renault Dauphine by Curtis & Sue Crackenberger; 1958 Isetta in an old Truck body by Jim & Marilyn Boyce
From the Archives:  Holiday Greeting cards from Micro-members in Japan and Norway

Issue 9:2

Cover: 1970 Citicar
inside Front Cover:  1937 Fiat Topolino--Marty Loken;  1948 Fiat Topolino of Jim Spotten powered by Chevy 355
Mailbox: Donald Touw; Robert W.T.Saville; Marcia McGuirl
Microroad: If He Only Knew!  Egon Brütsch/more France Jet...
"Isetta Options and Accessories List" compiled by Firemarshall Bill Waite
"SMART Impressions" by Robert C. Gray
TECH TIPS!!!: "Isetta Engine Heat" by John Jensen
Mike Roekar in  "SOUPS ON" by HOOP
Member Profile: Richard N Vecciarelli
Photo Gallery: 1958 BMW s/w Isetta-- John Watson; 1957 BMW Isetta--Edward Regan; 1961 AutoUnion DKW "750 Junior"--Bill Klage; 1972 Honda Z600--John deGozzaldi; 1958 BMW ISetta & 1962 Fiat 600-D --Jann Chatters; 1957 BMW Isetta--Alberto Naon; Mazda R-360--Kazuhiks Oki; 1968 NSU Sport Prinz (original) and restored 1961 Messerschmitt KR200--Phil Hingston
"Promoting Your Microcar!"  by Carl Jensen
"Restoring an Isetta" by Bill Waite
Small Take: DKW Junior  by Rich Bachmann
"Memories of Microcars & a Tour of Italy" by David Neal Ramsay
"It's SHOWTIME" by Bill Waite
What a Find!: Ultrasound of expected BMW 600 by Jane Puttock and James Ewing; Isetta in a wrecking yard by Ron Leone; Exit 102 MICRO; 1957 BMW Isetta by Dave Major
Back Cover: 1970 Subaru 360 w/ James Gandolfini getting in (The Sopranos), car owned by Chick De Lorenzo; 1959 Fiat 500 Jolly  owned by Randy Forester

Issue 9:3

Cover: Nobel in Störy Germany
Inside Front Cover:  Isetta Promo photos --Paul Winchell wins Isetta at Arthur Murray Dance Party!
Microroad: Driving your Micro
"Isetta Adventures and Bad Karma" by Firemarshall Bill Waite
"1958 Brütsch Mopetta" by Charles Gould
Mailbox: David Terebessy; Bob Nelson; Raymond Buckland; David Gladkosky;  1950 Mikrus by Kaz Wysocki
"Story Germany-a World Class Event" by John Wetzel
Mike Roekar in "Wonders of the WEB"  by HOOP
Member Profile: Sam Hemkes
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; Writer's Block; Isetta Postal Cars
REPORT: "Micros in the Mountains" by Larry Newberry
Tech Tips!!!: "The Benefits of Unleaded Gasoline" by John Jensen
Book Review:  "Microcars-by Tony Marshall" reviewed by Jonathan Stokes
Photo Gallery: "Elvis" mit bubble-window isetta--Ray Morey; unrestored original Isetta--Betsy Seidel & Bob Martin; 1962 Fiat Multipla 600D--Jane Puttock; 1966 Reliant Regal; Ronald Zweig; Red Isetta--David Warren; 1958 King Midget & 1958 Isetta --John D. McCarter
"In Search of Greta" by Mark Becker
REPORT: "The 2000 Texas Micro/Mini Car Roundup" by Ray Morey
REPORT: "Club Picnic 2000" by Kaz Wysocki
Small Take: Subaru 360   by Ernie Freestone
REPORT: "2000 Kansa City Microcar & Minicar Get-Together" by Jack Vetter
Photo REPORT: Story Germany  by Chaney Plough
"Memories and a Little History" by Jonathon Stokes
REPORT: "Fiat 500 Club Canada 3rd Annual Meet"
REPORT: "Import Carlisle" by Rich Bachmann
What a Find!: "MicroMotorcycle" by Charles Gould; Autobianchini on a pole by Jim & Marilyn Boyce; 1953 Reliant Regal by Paul Thompson;
Back Cover:  Winning T-Shirt Design for the 2000 National Meet---Lauren Kayser

Issue 9:4

Cover: Willem & Gea Van Der Ziel's "Camper DAF" that toured America
Inside Front Cover: Some of the Cars from the 2000 National Meet
Microroad: Driving Messerschmitt report
"A Very Special Vespa 400" by Charlie Zeller
REPORT: "9th North American International Microcar/Minicar Rally"  by Rob Maselko
"You Asked For It! --  IMPORTING! " by Tony Hillyard
Mailbox: Chas Gould; Lutz; Jim "Randolph"
"My First DAF Car" by Kaz Wysocki-president of DAF Club of America
Mike Roekar in  "Change of Heart" by HOOP
Member Profile: Howie Lipton
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; New Toys; A Small World
"Touring America in a DAF" by Kaz Wysocki
TECH TALK!!!:  The Messerschmitt Forum --Transmission Oil  Change"  by Rob Maselko
Photo Gallery: "Marilyn Monroe" with BMW 500 "aerocar"--Dave Major; Kustomized King Midget--John McCarter; Subaru Sambar --Pete Fisher; 1959 BMW 600 --Bruce Baker; 1970 Subaru "Lucky Clown" Van --Tim Schwartz; National Meet Group Shots
"Goggomobil Dart 400" by Uwe Staufenberg
REPORT: "Isetta Parade/Concours Octoberfest 2000" by N. Mark Becker
REPORT: "20th Annual Unique Little Car Meet" by Ray Foster
REPORT: "King Midget Jamboree 2000" by John D. McCarter
"Bringing Home Mickey Mouse!" by Jack Nikolich
Small Take: Tippen Delta Invacar  by Ernie Freestone
"Beware the Isetta Oil Slinger"  by Jack W. Vetter
REPORT: "A.A.C.A.'s Hershey 2000" by Tim Schwartz
"Revisiting a "Junkyard Renault" by Curt & Sue Crackenburger
What a Find!: 1968 Sunbeam Imp  by Jack Vetter; Citroen Mehari by Ernie Freestone; "high and dry isetta" by Mary Ellen Dohrs
Back Cover: 1st Place minicar class: 1959 Morris Minor Traveller--Edward Koch; 1st Place microcar class: 1957 BMW Isetta--Ed Regan


Issue 10:1

Cover: 3D Microcar Sculpture
Inside Front Cover: King Midget promos
Microroad: Maselko goes BIG: NSU Sport Prinz
Fritz Fend  1920-2000  by Dr. Norbert Mylius
Fritz Fend  by Rob Maselko
"Messerschmitt Finds a New Home" by Clay Holland
"Touring America in a DAF, in my own words" by Willem van der Ziel
Mailbox: Tom Ensign; Bill Papke; 1937 Fiat Topolino project by Marty Loken; Alan Town; 1958 photo of Rod Lindoo with father AND isetta
1950 Martin "Stationette"
Mike Roekar in  "Modern Marvel" by HOOP
Member Profile: Ernest "Ernie" Freestone
Up in Canada by Howard Lipton; Micro North 2000; Isetta Progress
"Bridge Yumping" by John D. McCarter
TECH TALK!!!: "Isetta Emergency Flasher Installation" by John Jensen
Photo Gallery: 1957 BMW Isetta--Bill Papke; BMW 600--Ray Morey; 1954 Messerschmitt KR175, 1958 201 Roadster, 1960 Tiger 400, and 1961 KR200 --Karl Kleeman; 1957 Euro Isetta 250 --Daniel C. Shaw; Subaru 360 "Fastrack II" --Ed Parsil; Kustom Isetta--Douglas & Gail Hodges; 1934 Austin "7" Opal Convertible --Steven J. Kaplan; "race-ready" BMW 600--Terry Sayther
"A Trip in a Fiat Multipla" by Chris Obert
"Just a Little Pick Me Up" by Fred Zampa
"Kleinsschnittger Infomation needed" by Duanne Schaffer
"The Mivalino" by Rob Maselko
"The FREE Isetta! " by Halsy J. Wetmore
Small Take: Saab Super Sport Sonnett
new "Handicapped" vehicles from the Netherlands-- The Sulkys
"Goggomobil Van Found in Georgia!"
What a Shame!:  Rusty Vespa 400
What a Find!: Fiat Abarth Zagato 750 Double Bubble by Ray Morey; 1958 BMW Isetta cabrio by Jerry Cover; prototype Goggo cabrio &  Export Goggomobil Transporter by Rod Lindoo
Back Cover:  Holiday Greeting Cards from Members

Issue 10:2  Spring

Cover: Mazda 3-wheeled Truck from Tokyo 2001 New Years Meet  (photo: Robert Gray)
Inside Front Cover: CROSLEY compilation  (by "HOOP")
Our Readers Write:  Surfing with Isettas from Robert Mace; A Little tip about the Fuel Pipe from Hans Rothkegel
10th North American International Microcar Meet info
Microroad:  "Yes Master"  "Virtual Microcar (internet-stuff)" "The True Meaning of Microcar"   (Rob Maselko)
"Most Micro-Sized Country?  Try Japan!  Japan 2001 Classic Car Festival Report by Robert Gray
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 1" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
Up In Canada by Howie Lipton: The Trivette
"Goodbye- Reliant!"  (AP)
TECH TALK!!!  BMW Isetta Paint and Color Schemes 1955-1962  by Firemarshall Bill Waite
Photo Gallery:  Some of the cars in Bruce Weiner's collection; 1980 photo of Fiat Multipla used by J.D. Russell in Poland; Honda Vamos with Motocompo fold-up scooter in Japan---photo by Robert Gray; Classic K car Hondas in Japan--photo by Robert Gray; 1972 Siata Spring and 1972 Honda 600 sedan--Bruce Dewing; Goggomobil Dart with Eva Schmidt & Adam Montheith, Australia on their wedding day!; 1960 Vespa 400--David Eng
"What Color is this Car?  by Ernie Freestone
Member Profile: Charles Gould
Announcements and info for regional upcoming Micro-meets this Spring and Summer
Mike Roekar in: "It's a Spring Thing"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find!  1950 Crosley Scorpion by Clay Holland; 1961 Fiat 600 sedan by Bob Saville; 2- DKW 1000s  by Jonathon Stokes
Back Cover:  A Row of Subaru 360's on Display at the Tokyo 2001 Classic Car Festival  (photo by Robert Gray)

Issue 10:3 Summer

Cover: A view inside the Bruce Weiner's Microcar Museum
Inside Front Cover: "MICROMANIA (by "HOOP")
Our Readers Write: Mini/Microcars in Video Games-Steve Holt; Quick Notes- Valerie & Herb Brice; Rudy Cincala; Aaron Coopersband; Edgar G. Lehmann; John deGozzuldi Jr.
Microroad: is on vacation
MINUTIA receives Golden Quill Award!
"USED CARS!--Know the Terms!" -submitted by Howie Lipton
"Restoring the Restoration"by Paul J. Bates
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 2" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
Up In Canada by Howie Lipton: Waning Enthusiasm? More on the Web
Fiat 500 Club Canada Report: Paolo Cargioli
"the Perfect Peril Pod Car!" by Jim Janecek
TECH TALK!!! DynaStart Problems- by Carl Jensen
SMART CAR/Lawnmower? - Scott Miller WSJ
Photo Gallery:Blue Messerschmitt Cabrio- Carl Jensen; 1958 Isetta-Carl Nietman; 1939 Bantam Woody-John Whit; 1948 Crosley Pick-up-Chris Bock; 1958 Isetta-Chris Zenier; 1957 Isetta-Robert Garey; Thailand Taxi & 1987 Simson cycle-Peter Dawson; 1958 Isetta-Fred Stafford; 1972 Bond Bug-Burt Shulman
"Snowmobile/Isetta/Aerocar?" by Dave Major
Member Profile: William Waite
"Maybe Your Isetta Problem is the Centrifugal Advance" by John Jensen
Register of Unusual Microcars- Jean Hammond
"Lets Go Steal an Isetta!" by Halsey J. Wetmore
"Micros in Madison, the Bruce Weiner Event of 2001" photo coverage by John Wetzel
"Flamey-the Hot 700" by Gerron Hite
Mike Roekar & Crosely the Pup in: "Monumental" by HOOP
classifieds: Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
A Hot Little NSU by Rudy Cincala
What a Find! Blue isetta/Orange Isetta -Steve Melinda; 1963 Bond- Kaz Wysocki
Back Cover: wrap-around of the Front...

Issue 10:4 Fall

Cover: A view a view of the 10th Annual National Meet in Eugene Oregon
Inside Front Cover: Coming and Going in the Zundapp Janus
Our Readers Write:  Odd Chinese Vehicle- Burt Richmond / Government micro-trucks- Fred Garnes; Stable Mates- Halsey J. Wetmore
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : Club Rep Status -- The Guest From the West
REPORT: 10th North American Microcar Meet by Byron Brill
"Messerschmitt Restoration" by Carl Jensen
REPORT: "Micro North" by Ralph Hough
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 3" by Bruce Fullerton / Robert Mace
TECH TALK!!! More about the Isetta Clutch by john jensen
Photo Gallery: Sebring-Vanguard Citicar: Ernie Freestone/ Earl Frazer's 1975 and 1976 Reliant Robins / Steve "HOOP" Hooper's "hi-Tech Hoop Isetta / David Gladkosky's 1959 Goliath Tiger / Walter Sprague's 1967 NSU Wankle Spider, 1967 King Midget, Reliant Regal, 1957 BMW Isetta and Jr. T-Bird / Eddie and Ruth Covey's 1958 BMW Isetta / Jason Milsom's 1955 Messerschmitt / Chuck Baccus's Citroen 2CV6 / Ed Parsil's 1969 Subaru Fastrack
ll  1970 Subaru Van / Charlie Frick's 1971 Steyr-Puch 4WD / Tony Grillo's 1971 OTAS 820
"Buzz's Isetta Adventure" by George "BUZZ" Ballinger
Member Profile: Rob Maselko
"A Time For All Things" by Mara Brill
"Micros In Historic Madison" by Rob Maselko
"How about an Isetta Bumper Brace or Muffler Shield" by John Jensen
Mike Roekar:  Crosely the Pup in: "Demon Dog" by HOOP
classifieds: Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
WHAT A SHAME! -submitted by Byron Brill
What a Find! Jon Eisen's 1960 Fuldamobil S-7
Back Cover: Winners at the 10th Annual National Meet


Issue 11:1 Winter

Cover: A rare INTER that appeared at Micro-North 2001
Inside Front Cover: Goliath Hansa advert.
Our Readers Write:  Assistance Need with a Pulse - Dennis Jenison / Preliminary Plans for Micro-North 2002 - Howie Lipton / OOPS! - Fred Garnes /
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : This year's national meet /  Obituary  /  Cruise Night
The Dornier Deltas  by Heiner Placke, Bissendorf, Germany
"Small Take " OTAS 820 Grand Prix by Lonmbardi   - Rob Maselko
"Something New (for me) or Is It Something to Make Me Blue!
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 4" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
Up In Canada by Howie Lipton: -on vacation this issue
TECH TALK!!!  Make your own 1-piece Muffler hangers by john jensen
Photo Gallery: 1956 BMW Isetta: Wally King / 1960 BMW 600: Bill Rogers / Jim Janecek's Goggo Van puppet show / 1958 BMW Isetta : John Craig / Jane Puttock's "Mario the Multipla" / 1956 bubble Window Isetta: Jim & Peggy Bragg / 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 double bubble coupe: Ray Morey / Rick Marsoun's Isetta at the base of the "BEEMER" water tower
"Microcar & Minicar Photography" by Firemarshall Bill Waite
Member Profile: James Pearce
"Surfing with the Isetta"  by Robert Mace
"Mario the Multipla" by Jane Puttock

"The Wilmette Historical Society's Auto Historica 3"  by Jim Janecek
a complete tour of this show can be seen on this website.  Read the article in MINUTIA and look for the web address at the end  (page 29)
This is for Microcar & Minicar Club members ONLY

Mike Roekar  in: "Happy Ending"  by HOOP
Book Review:  Kleinwagen International
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
WHAT A SHAME!  2 rusting Isettas, not for sale.....-submitted by Bill Waite
What a Find! Mario Palma Jr's Isocarro VAN!
Back Cover:  Holiday Greeting Cards from Members

Issue 11:2 Spring

Cover: Part of a collection of vehicles from Alan Town from the UK
Inside Front Cover:People  Magazine/ Col Tom Parker next to an Isetta
Our Readers Write:  An NSU Story: Michael Stevens / Picking Up a Kleinshnittger! : Doug Lloyd/ Smart Car vs. Isetta: Barry Power/
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : The Agony & the Ecstasy; Insurance Memories
Where have the Reliants gone?  - Kaz Wysocki
"Small Take " Isetta Velam  - Rob Maselko
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 5" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
Up In Canada by Howie Lipton: -Writer's Block; Up in Canada; Microcar Toys; Micro North
TECH TALK!!!  Isetta Shift Linkage by john jensen
The Therapeutic Value of an Isetta by Jerry Zabin LCSW
Photo Gallery: Fiat Multipla: Tony Grillo -- 1932 Morgan 3-wheeler replica: Raymond Buckland -- 1958 Velorex : Mortimer Matthews -- Subaru 360 modified to Street Rod -- Daihatsu HiJet Pickup: John M. Fala -- 1967 Austin Countryman Estate Wagon & 1966 Austin Mini Moke: Howard Davis -- 1952 Triumph "Mayflower" Razor-Back": Stu Sherk -- 1967 King Midget MK 3 : J.W. Underwood -- 1964 Messerschmitt KR200: Phil Hingston -- SanFu Van: Fred Langill "Resurrection of a Messerschmitt KR200" by Phil Hingston
Member Profile: Jim Janecek
"Up Up and Away!" Lazarus does the Rockies  by Curt Poulton
Mike Roekar  in: "Farmer Fred's Frolics"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
WHAT A SHAME!  Bullldozed Isetta; 58 Tempo Truck in the woods; Isetta on the roof; Isetta and Subaru 360 in wrecking yard in Hawaii
What a Find! George Blau's missing Eshelman / George "Buzz" Ballinger's Isetta-in-a-shed
Back Cover:  Photos from Charles Gould's Annual Microcar Classic

Issue 11:3 Summer

Cover: 7th Microcar Meet in Wohlen Switzerland
Inside Front Cover:Fiat Multipla 600
Our Readers Write:  Signs of the Sixties - Alan Town ; Looking for Help! - Philip Davies ;
Microroad:by Jim Janecek : Three's Company - "I have no Spares..." - My First Scootacar Ride!

WEB LINK to Xtra stuff!  A tour of all the cars on the cover, but you have to read to the end of Microroad in the print issue of MINUTIA to get the link!
This is for Microcar & Minicar Club members ONLY!

MINIs Rule in Central New Jersey by Ernie Freestone
In Memory of Jim "rudy" Rudolph-  Charles Gould
"Small Take " Isetta Velam  - Rob Maselko
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 6" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
Up In Canada by Howie Lipton: -You Auto be in Pictures
"The Ultimate Microcar Vacation- A report by Rob Maselko from:
   7th International Microcar Meet, Wohlen, Switzerland
   25th Anniversary of the Isetta Club e.v, Störy Germany
   21st International Kleinwagentreffen, Störy, Germany
TECH TALK!!!  Isetta Clutch Mystery / Carburetor Crud  by john jensen
REPORT: 4th Annual Texas Minicar Roundup  by Ray Morey
Photo Gallery: Rob Maselko's photos from Wohlen Switzerland, and Störy Germany, plus:  Firemarshall Bill Waite goes on a Photo Shoot with his Isetta
Member Profile: R.Ray. Foster
"VW Unveils a Concept Microcar"   by Howard Lipton
"Imports at Carlisle May 2002: by Rich Bachmann
"Techno Classica Show" Essen Germany by Tony Hillyard
"Richmond Region A.A.C.A. Eastern National Meet, Spring by Ernie Freestone
Mike Roekar & Crosley the Pup in: "Bonehead Blues"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
WHAT A SHAME!  3 sorry looking Honda 600's
What a Find! John Wetzel's Isetta barn finds in Amish Country
Back Cover:  more from the Microcar Meet in Switzerland

Issue 11:4 Fall

Cover: 4 Red/White BMW600's
Inside Front Cover:AC Mark II Petite ad
Our Readers Write:  Vespa 400's & Portuguese Microcars- Praca Jose Queiroz
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : 2003 National Meet; 2004 National Meet; The Microcar Friendship
Register of Unusual Microcars Form
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 7" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
"DINKY" the really little Honda 600 - by Miles Chappell
TECH TALK!!!  Protective Plates for Isetta Transmission & Chaincase-   by john jensen
REPORT: "Uncommon Cars on the Common" - by Robert Gray
Photo Gallery: John Voss' BMW Isetta; Frank and Michele Borngardier and their cousins and their BMW600; Lloyd Watson's Messerchmitt TG500 and 4 other Messerschmitts at his house; Mark Martin's 1960 Fiat Bianchina & 1959 BMW600; Michael Bluman's 2 1972 Honda 600's; Photos from Gould's East Coast Classic Show
Member Profile: David Kayser
"French Deliveries?"   by Fred Garnes
"The LaVerge": by Walt Buttrick
REPORT: "Gould's 7th Annua Micro/Minicar Classic Event" by Axel Coelin
Mike Roekar & Crosley the Pup in: "Junkyard HiJinx"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! 1959 English Ford Estate: Art Rabestein-- 1958 Renault Dauphin: Randy McNutt --2 1959 Fiat Bianchinas: Robert W.T. Saville
Back Cover:  more of those Red/White BMW 600s!


Issue 12:1 Winter

Cover: Microcar & Minicar Winners from the National Meet in Dallas
Inside Front Cover: Messerschmitt driving on a snow-covered road
Our Readers Write:  Toshiro Taninaka from Japan shares his microcars and trucks
Microroad: by Rob Maselko : "Magic at Night
REPORT: The 11th Annual National Meet in Dallas, Texas -- by Gerron Hite
"Small Take " Frisky Sprint/ Lightburn Zeta  - Rob Maselko
"2 Guys from TEXAS, part 8" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
"The Tortoise and the Hare" by Paul J. Bates
TECH TALK!!! Additional Rear Shock and Brake Check by Harry Conners
REPORT: 4th Annual Texas Minicar Roundup  by Ray Morey
Photo Gallery: Ron Clarke's 1952 Crosely Scorpion, Betty West's Tiger has some lunch and lots of photos from the National Meet in Dallas
REPORT: Micros in the Mountains 2002 by Jack Madson
REPORT: MicroNorth 2002 by Jeff Upton and Ralph Hough
"DYNAHELL!" by Carl Jensen
"Steve Hooper & his Mini-Artcars" by Dave Major
Mike Roekar in: "You Gotta Have Spares"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Ray Morey's 1960 Bianchina; David Jones' unrestored 1972 Honda 600; Joseph Freeman's 1955 Messerschmitt KR200; no takers for a FREE Fiat 600 submitted by Steve Michaud
Back Cover:  More Winners!

Issue 12:2 Spring

Cover: Toy Microcars compared
Inside Front Cover: DKW Ad
Our Readers Write: "Isetta Weather Forecaster"- Alan Town ; "1946 Simca Cinc Hidden Awy, but Found!"- Michael Graff ; "The Saga of Figaro Fiat" - Ted Clarke
MicroRoad: by Rob Maselko
"They Still Exist Out There- 1 owner Heinkel 154 Garage Find!" by Harry Conners
"2 Guys from Texas part 9" by Bruce Fullerton & Robert Mace
SMALL TAKE!: 1972 Reliant Regal 330
Gould's 8th Microcar & Minicar Classic Announcement
"Installing the Glass - in your Isetta Sliding Window" by Bruce Fullerton & Bill Waite
Photo Gallery: 1962 Steyr-Puch Haflinger owned by William J. Spicer ; NAPA Calendar girls with Clem Caryofilles' 1959 BMW Isetta; Bill Papke's 1957 Messerschmitt; Norman Broski's 1959 Vespa 400; Alan Bates with his collection of scooters, bikes and Fiat 500; Bill Adams' 1962 DAF 750 Deluxe; Al Wagner's 1958 Berkeley (converted to electric); Bill Papke's 1972 Fiat 500L; Gary Carrikc's 1961 Minx Convertible; Robin Vasichek's 1980 JET ElectraVan 600; Mark Majerie's 1968 Cony 360 panel van; Photos from Micros in the Mountains 2002
"Opening and Storing the Isetta Sunroof -(the right way)" by Firemarshall Bill
REPORT: Micros in the Mountains 2002
What a Find! 1958 Borgward Isabella Combi by Rudy Cincala, Goggo Sedan on a Pole!
Member Profile : Reinhard Hilkenbach Convent Station, NJ
Mike Roekar in: "Bakc to Reality"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  Judy Brocau's 1957 BMW Isetta

12:3 Summer

Cover:Messerschmitt Tiger by George Bucquet
Inside Front Cover:2003 National 2nd & 3rd place Winners!
Our Readers Write: Vespa Club- Dave McCabe; Up in Canada - Howie Lipton
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : "The Meets Of May"
Book Review by Rob Maselko: Mochet- Minimalism on Wheels by Hermann Bruning
"Small Take "Zundapp Janus - Hal Pinckney
"Tackling your Isetta's Electrical System part 1" by Bruce Fullerton
"RRRollop: Roller, Rollermobile Raritaten and Wurlitzer Cafe" A new Microcar Museum opens in Austria" by Rob Maselko
TECH TALK!!! "Isetta Breather Valve by John Jensen
Madison Drive REPORT: by George Blau
Photo Gallery: Photos from the 2003 National Meet in Madison
REPORT: A.A.C.A. Spring National Meet
REPORT: Annual Vic Hyde Award - by Larry Newberry
"Touring in a Fiat" by Burt Richmond
"News from Norway" by Ole Birger Gjevre
"The Life and Times of a Beamer 600" by Dave Major
Mike Roekar in: "Tricky Business"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Bob Lawrie's Isetta parts car
Back Cover:  More Winners from the 2003 National Meet!

12:4 Fall

Cover:Cliff Read models a 3D cardboard Isetta!
Inside Front Cover:Panhard PL 17 ad, thanks Hank Pinckney
Our Readers Write: Japanese 3-wheeled Firetruck: Roy Murphy, OddBall Isetta?: J.A.Jake Jacobs, Rare Cars at the Owis Head Museum; Dave Major
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : "Size does matter", " It's a Love 'Em/Hate 'Em Thing"
"Gould's Classic" by Peter Svilans
"Renting a fun Microcar on Vacation" by Grey Pierson
"Tackling Your Isetta's Electrical System" by Bruce Fullerton
"What Went Wrong?" by Jim Janecek
Photo Gallery: HOOP's matchbox car covered "meter maid" scooter; Bruce Prentiss' 1958 Isetta; Jake Jacobs' 1958 British-built Canadian Isetta:; Troy Estes' 1988 Pulse and 1982 Bajaj; Toni Tacho's 1961 PTV in Spain; Ted Brigger's 1959 Goggomobil T400, 1959 Metropolitan and 1959 BMW 600; Fred Fletcher's 1979 Mini Cooper "S" and 1938 Bantam Roadster; Jack Stites 1959 BMW Isetta; Photos from a Microcar Meet in Manresa, Spain
REPORT: The Microcar & Minicar Club 2003 National Meet - reported by Cecily Dewing
REPORT: Gould's Eight Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic- reported by Burt Richmond
"New Microcar Book alert" by Randy McNutt
"The Other little car with one front door" by John Jenson
"Have Some Fun with your Photos" by Ernie Freestone
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "Reader's Revenge"  by HOOP
"A Short Story of Mkrus" by Gregory Grden
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Toni Tacho finds a rusted out Iso Isettacarro shell in Spain; Dave Orbeton finds a 1964 Fiat on top of a pole in Maryland
Back Cover:  Fun With Photos!


13:1 Winter

Cover:Full-size Tiger and RC version- Alan Town
Inside Front Cover:Story of the RC Tiger
Our Readers Write: Fiat 500 sunroof conversion- Steve DeFrange, Isetta in a Lake - Rob Muirhead, Vacation Cruise - Larry Claypool, Caught the Bug!- Billy and Sue Paul
Microroad:by Rob Maselko : "Cars of the Future", "The Design and the Designer"
"The ISO Isetta turns 50" by George Blau
"When Push Comes to Shove,
Installing and Adjusting your Isetta's Shift Linkage" by Bruce Fullerton
REPORT: "Micros in the Mountains 2003" by Jack Madson
"My Love Affair with Little Cars" by Richard Lewis
"Auction in the Desert!" by Glenn Roberts
Photo Gallery: Photos from Micros in the Mountains: Bobby DeCola's Mini Cooper racer; Ron Wright's Crosley Pickup; Larry Newberry's 1958 Goggomobil; Clay Holland's Messerschmitt; GEM Electric car; Bobby DeCola's Subaru 360 Pickup; King Midget; Larry Newberry's NSU Prinz; Larry Newberry riding the Eshelman JR; King Midget & Ferguzzi; Gregory Grden's Mikrus MR-300; Billy and Sue Paul's 1967 Goggomobil Coupe; Jeff Upton's 1957 Berkeley SE328 Roadster; Bruce Pretiss' 1958 BMW Isetta; Richard Smith's 1956 BMW Isetta next to the "Weinermobile"
Member Profile: Kevin Kirkpatrick
"Springerizing your Isetta" by Firemarshall Bill Waite, Bruce Fullerton and Jim Boyce
"Win a SMART Car!" by Jim Janecek
"Seller Beware!" by Jim Janecek
"Club Financial Statement" submitted by Rich Bachmann
REPORT: Micros in the Mountains 2003- another view by Clay Holland
"Obtaining Rare Microcars" by Kevin George
Mike Roekar in: "Dogs Gone Wild"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Steve George uncovers 2 Electric Freeways, Jet Electrovan, 2 Vespa 400's 2 Gas Freeways..all in one place!
Back Cover:  13 years of MINUTIA

13:2 Spring

Cover: Werner Schwarks' Isetta with replica Piccolo Trailer
Inside Front Cover: Fiat 500D Saloon & Wagon Ads
Our Readers Write: About a Messerschmitt by Rusty Kay, Our New Projects by Paul Tryon, A Family Heirloom byAadu Karemaa, Free Model MINI-CAR! by Terry Parkin.
Microminis invade Boston: by Ken LeMoine
Micros in the Mountains Show Announcement
13th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet Announcement
MicroNorth 2004 Announcement
"How I got Interested in Small Cars" by William John (Bill) Schultz Jr.
MAICO 500! by Kevin and Connie Golden
The Central Texas Micronuts Car Club by Bruce Fullerton
Photo Gallery: Rich Campbell's Crosley Wagon ; Mario Palma Jr's 1954 Isocarro truck ; Jerry Zabin's 1960 BMW Isetta 250 ; Ed Lemke's Crofton "Brawny" Bug ; Steve George's Bede Litestar ; Gary Wilcox's 1957 Metropolitan ; Scenes from Charles Gould's East Coast Classic Event.
Member Profile: Jeff Upton
"The Honda Insight- the Modern Minicar?" by Richard Lewis
"New Isetta Toys" by Howie Lipton
Gould's 9th Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event Announcement
"Metamorphosis: Converting a Fiat 500 from Sunroof to Convertible Configuration, or 'Open Air Motoring at its Finest" by Steve DeFrange
14th Annual King Midget Jamboree Event Announcement
What a SHAME : Rob Maselko finds a neglected Honda 600Z and a neglected Subaru 360 sitting outside.
Mike Roekar and Crosely the Pup in: "The Want To Be"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Rob Maselko uncovers one of 20 Zundapp Janus originally exported to the US
Back Cover:  Paper Model Reliant Robin by Terry Parkin

13:3 Summer 2004

Cover: Don DeCuir's Red Hot BMW Isetta 300
Inside Front Cover: Austin Seven Ad
Our Readers Write: A Proud Grandfather! by Halsey J. Wetmore * A Word of Thanks for MicroSouth 2004 by Paul and Julie Kierstein * A Real OFO by Brian Lareau * New Group in Canada by John McEwen
Billy Joel's Smash New Hit: AP news article
REPORT: MicroSouth 2004 by Billy and Sue Paul
"NJ Micronauts hold First Drive" by Rob Maselko
My Greatest Find! by Peter M Dawson
My Love for Microcars by Marv Josephson
The Central Texas Micronauts- Summer Update by Bruce Fullerton
Photo Gallery: Wallace King's 1956 BMW Bubble Isetta; Jim Rader's BMW Isetta; Hubert Gohlich's Trabant Kubel , towing a Klappfix ; Don DeCuir's 1957 unrestored BMW Isetta ; Jack Vetter's Isetta ; Carl Smith's BMW 700 ; Bob Cheney's Vespa 400 ; a collection of Isettas from Jim & Margie Dietterich
The Making of a Microcar/Minicar Addict by Robert W.T. Saville
"Micros in the Mountains 2004" announcement
"A Tri-Pod Summer" by Andy Anderson
The Lane Motor Museum
"500KM with a Cinquecento" by Paolo Cargioli
Tune and Tweak That Isetta for Max Perf by Bruce Fullerton
Member Profile :Carl Jensen
Mike Roekar in: "Fiat and Fantasy"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
What a Find! Burt Richmond uncovers an NSU Sport Prinz, Dave Major finds a pair of BMW Isettas
Back Cover:  Photos from MicroSouth 2004

13:4 Fall 2004

Cover: Herb Deeks 1970 Citroen Truckette at Long Beach
Inside Front Cover: Bond Minicar "Mark C" ad
Our Readers Write: "New Member" by James Connaughton, "The Isetta 850???" by Dennis Bates,
Book: The Macro World of Microcars
REPORT: Chicago Microcar Rally by Burt Richmond
"Mo Betta Bing" by John Jensen
REPORT: "I Think I'm Turning Japanese" by Jim Janecek
Get SMART by John Jensen
REPORT: Gould's 9th Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic by Burt Richmond
Photo Gallery: JJ Rowley's 1967 NSU 1000 TT and 1964 NSU Sport Prinz, Moacyr Licursi's 1984 Dacon 828 (from Brazil), Wayne Benefield's 1967 Goggomobi 250, Jane Puttock's 1958 Renault 4CV, Jack McCall's BMW Isetta, Photos from MicroNorth 2004, and the 2004 National Meet in Long Beach, California. Fred Fletcher's 1979 Mini Cooper "S", 1957 Heinkel Kabine, 1938 Bantam Roadster.
Central Texas Micronauts Fall Update by Bruce Fullerton
"14th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet" announcement
"Fiat 500 Club Italia" by Burt Richmond
"The Isetta Bug!" by John Burkhimer
"MicroNorth 2004" by Jim Janecek
"New Isetta Toys" by Howie Lipton
"The Nationals 2004" by Ryan Mortensen
Member Profile :John and Reid Hollowell
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "The New Guy"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  Winners from the 2004 National Meet


14:1 Winter 2005

Cover: Curtis Inglis Isetta - "The Anniversary Gift"
Inside Front Cover: Citroen BIJOU ad
Our Readers Write: ""More from the BING Article" - Jeff Bahret ; "Micro Show in Gettysburg, PA area?" - Andy Tarbet ; "Lane Museum Micro Drive" ; "A 3-Door Isetta?"- Claudio Etcheverry
NEWS: Automuseum Story Closed after 30 years -Rob Maselko
"Schmitt Bits": by Ralph Hough
"Smart Car news" from Automotive News
"The Mazda Suitcase Car: by Jim Janecek
"Shoot the Juice to me Bruce" by John Jensen
"Make a better Starter Post": by John Jensen
Photo Gallery: Andy Ivanschenko's 1958 BMW Isetta ; Alan Town's TG500 & 1960 BMW 600 in the UK ; Mike Bruno's 1949 Crosley Convertible ; Steve DeFrange's 1958 Messerschmitt KR200 ; Floyd Kemp's "Union Jack" Mini Cooper ; Bill Papke's 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina ; more photos from the 2004 National Meet
Central Texas Micronauts Winter Update by Bruce Fullerton
"14th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet" announcement
2005 NSU National Meet Announcement
25th Unique Little Car Show Meet Announcement
Micros in Madison 2005 Meet Announcement
Kansas City Microcar & Minicar Meet Announcement
"Door Spring Compression Tool" by Bill Rogers
"The Anniversary Gift" by Mitzi Inglis
REPORT:"Micros in the Mountains 2004 vs Ivan the Terrible" by Jack Madson
"Have You Seen This Car?" by Ray Berghefer
"Metropolitan Celebrates 50th at Miss America Parade" by Chris Custin
What a Shame! Scott Sheldon spots a Bianchina sitting on top a pole.
What a Find! Gene Schmidt finds a 1971 Fiat Spider 850, Steve DeFrange finds a BMW 600 in good original condition, Ber Verwey an Isetta Drive Train turned into a home-made snowmobile.
Member Profile :Doug Smith, Anchorage, Alaska
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "Read the Small Print"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  Paul Hayes Holiday Display window

14:2 Spring 2005

Cover: 1958 Austin A35 door, owned by Gary Willox
Inside Front Cover: Morris Minor ad
Our Readers Write: "Lloyd Watson , the Tigerman" 1916- 2005
Book Review: Obert's Fiat Guide
"What A Find FEATURE : 9 year old gets his own BMW": by Ralph Hough
REPORT: Central Florida Microcar Drivers Breakfast Gathering by Billy & Sue Paul
REPORT: Lane Motor Museum sponsors Microcar Drive: by Susan Lane
Micro North Announcement
REPORT: 25th Annual Southwest Unique Little Car Show- by Louis Hudgin
Photo Gallery: Gary Willox's 1957 Metropolitan & 1956 BMW Isetta; Ron Clark's 1951 Skorpion; John Jensen's Isetta; photos from 2004 Micro North; more photos from the 2004 National Meet
2005 NSU National Meet Announcement
"14th Annual Microcar & Minicar Club National Meet" announcement
"My Introduction to Microcars" by Danial J. McCarthy
"OK, it's Spring - but---" by Howie Lipton
Micros in Madison 2005 Meet Announcement
"25th Annual Unique Little Car Show - Another View" by Larry Claypool
"Tales of Fiat 500's in Costa Rica" by George Blau
"The Price is Right" by Dick Lombardi
"Isothermos in San Francisco" by John Jensen
"The Bosch Dynastart" by Bill Rogers
"Metropolitan Celebrates 50th at Miss America Parade" by Chris Custin
What a Find! William Chamberlain finds a Berkeley SF328, Antoni Tacho finds a Spanish-built ISO Isetta, George Raterink's prototype Messerschmitt KR175
Member Profile : Glenda Hawks, Springfield, MO
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "Fractured Facts"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  More Meet Photos

14:3 Summer 2005

Cover: Steve DeFrange's Messerschmitt
Inside Front Cover: Simca 1000 ad
Our Readers Write: "hey All" from Ralph Hough, "Think thats the last of it? No, That was not the end of the Story" from Ray A. Berghefer, "Towne Shopper" from Bob Hall, "Micros in Madison 2005" from Robert W.T. Saville
Announcement: MicroSouth 2006 http://www.microcar.org/microsouth/
"A Little Car News" by Bruce Fullerton
Lane Motor Museum's Peel Trident attends Rally on Isle of Man!
"My 18 month NSU Sport Prinz Restoration Project" by Burt Richmond
NSU Treffen, Borculo, HOLLAND by Burt Richmond
REPORT: The 2005 Nationals by Burt Richmond
Photo Gallery: Fred Frey's Fiat 500's - Bill Papke's 1963 Goggomobil TS and Autobianchia - Dennis Jenison's 1969 King Midget - Don DeCuir's 1959 BMW Isetta - Burt Richmond's NSU Prinz - Jim Rader's 1957 BMW Isetta - Brian & Donna Wight's 1956 Messerschmitt KR200 - William Ellis's 1955 Messerschmitt KR175 - J.C. & Judy O'Steen with their Messerschmitt TG500
Watkins Glen Historic Races - June 18-19 by Richard Campbell
Chrome Plating Restoration for Obsolete Plastic Lenses by Steve DeFrange
Spark Advance Calibration by Bill Rogers
Member Profile 1 : Bill Papke, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Member Profile 2 : Joe & Maxine Williams, Painesville, Ohio
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "It worked for Winky Dink"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  Micros in Madison 2005 + 2005 Nationals photos

Clickable Links for websites mentioned in this issue:

MicroSouth 2006

Richard Lewis's Isetta Restoration photos

Marco Demartin's graphics

BMW Isetta250 Computer Generated Graphic


Lane Motor Museum

Chrome Tech USA

Isetta Bumpers

American Austin/Bantam

Walter Miller's Auto Literature

14:4 Fall 2005

Cover: Messerschmitt Owner's Club Meet, England
Inside Front Cover: King Midget ad
Our Readers Write: "Tokyo Car Show" by Dave Major - "DAF Club News" by John deBruin - "Messerschmit Parts" by Jack Castor
Announcement: 26th Annual Southwest Unique Little Car Meet
Announcement: MicroSouth 2006 http://www.microcar.org/microsouth/
REPORT: The 2005 Central Florida Micro/Mini Car Roundup!
1962 BMW Sport Coupe by Robert Lynch
NSU Treffen, Borculo, HOLLAND by Burt Richmond
REPORT: The 2005 Nationals by Burt Richmond
REPORT: Gould's 10th Annual Microcar Classic + M&M National Meet by Peter Svilans
Our Visit to the Lane Motor Museum by Larry Claypool
My Velorex by Mark Becker
Photo Gallery: Bill Papke's Repro Peel Trident | Robert Lynch's 1962 BMW 700 Sport Coupe | Brook Richardson's 1954 Austin A30 | Jane Puttock's Subaru 360 | Michael Bluman's 1972 Honda AZ600 | Ralph Hough's Tg500 & Andy Mutz's 1957 BMW Isetta | Tom Judson's Austin Mini Panel Van | Mark Becker's Velorex | Jay Holdash's 1964 Lambert FL175 | Nancy Chomitz & Monique Gould in a 1970 Fiat Giardiniera | Group shot of cars at Gould's | MOC 50th Anniversary
What a Find! - by Ralph Hough
An Isetta at age 15! by Nick Drummond
REPORT: MicroNorth 2005 by Ralph Hough
REPORT: Messerschmitt Owner's Club 50th Anniversary by Ralph Hough
Member Profile : Ken & Sylvia Weger
REPORT: 1st Annual Mini/Micro Car Meet Pacific Northwest by Mark Hatten
Lane Motor Museum finds One of a Kind Vehicle
Mike Roekar and Crosley the Pup in: "Hungry Hound"  by HOOP
classifieds:  Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Suppliers of Parts and Services Listing
Back Cover:  photo from MOC 50th Anniversay + 14th Annual Microcar Minicar Club National Meet

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American Austin/Bantam wanted:

Isetta Bumpers

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