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Rustoration Links  (geared to the do-it-yourself type...)
(last update: February 21 2002)

 Click Here   to access the Electrolysis article, DIY Electrolysis/Rust Removal

Skinned Knuckles magazine  Really great subscription magazine, loaded with excellent Automotive Restoration info.
sorry, website no longer exists,
they lost the original SkinnedKnuckles.com but they came back with:
if you want to subscribe ($24 per year) to the magazine write to them at:
SK Publications
175 May Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016

 Powder Coating FAQ

 Another Powder Coat FAQ  from a supplier of material and equipment (doesn't like the cheapo guns.....)

 Rust Primer  from Metal Web news, includes a bit on the use of Molasses and water to remove rust.  All text, all info, no pics, loads fast!

 Auto Paint FAQ

 Thoughts on Restoration  from AutoRestorer.com

 Leading  "How To"  mit pictures. Plus they have videos to order, but I haven't seen them.

 Metalworking FAQ  archive for the newsgroup: rec.crafts.metalworking, organized by catagories, excellent first-hand reference.

 Metal Web News  non-commercial site all written by volunteers.

 Job Knowledge for Welders  (probably more info than anyone will ever need...plus the link has changed over the past year....?)

 Chrome Plating links   recommendations from specific members on successful experiences with Chrome-Plating/Polishing

Products that some of us have used that apparently work:

Zinc Phosphate coatings (spray on or brush on)  used to prevent "flash" rusting after acid cleaning or blasting:

Gas Tank "Repair" Kits:

Do It Yourself Plating Kits:

Web-based and/or Email based Metalworking Discussion groups:
hobbicast   Yahoo group Discussion forum of the Home Foundrymen's Association.
Covers all type of home shop metal casting. Very active list.

Metalshapers   Yahoo group Discussion forum or practitioners of the art of forming sheet metal.
This group is for anyone who wishes to share information on the art of forming compound curves in sheet metal.
Includes all methods, rolling, spinning, and hammering but not the usual blacksmithing work. Very active list.

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